Hellscapade: Post Eleven

Exhausted, Micah followed Rakon into the office at Hellsgate. Their very impressive looking backup had shown up to escort the prisoners away while he and Rakon had gone back to further question Ilrazun about the demons they had chased out of his shop. Unfortunately, the poker playing shopkeeper didn’t have much information on the trio aside from the fact that this type of activity was exactly why he had tracked down Azgoth.

As he and Rakon swept past Percy, he saw the small demon’s eyes widen in alarm. Lord Azgoth looked up and then quickly rushed over to them.

“What happened? Are you ok?” he asked, taking hold of Micah’s arm. Micah felt shock when he saw the concern on the Demon Lord’s face.

“He’s fine. So am I, by the way,” Rakon replied, slumping into one of the chairs in front of the desk.

“You may be fine but you are filthy. What the heck happened? The call came in that you guys needed backup and that there were injuries.”

“Chased some dust demons out of Illy’s store. Whoever it is that is involved has some muscle at their disposal, because we got intercepted on our chase. I took out two of them, and Annie Oakley here shot one out of the air. Most of the injuries to the prisoners were from his pack trying to wreak vengeance on his attacker.”

“Are you sure you shouldn’t be checked out? You are both have blood and um, other things,  smeared everywhere,” Percy said quietly.

“Nah. Medics did a quick check at the scene. Few bumps and bruises, but we’re good,” Rakon said with a wink, causing the smaller demon to blush. Now that was interesting.

“Do you think they’ll get anything out of the prisoners?” Lord Azgoth asked, as he walked back to sit down behind his desk.

“They were street muscle. They might have a little information on who hired them, but I wouldn’t expect more. I also don’t think they’re going to talk easily,” Rakon told him.

“We can just threaten to sick the pack on them,” Micah offered to Rakon’s amused laugh.

“Yeah, the flyer at least likely doesn’t want anything more to do with that. Good thought, hotshot, but I think the interrogation team has plenty at their disposal.” Micah cringed when he realized that Rakon wasn’t just playing along with his initial joke. In Hellgate, the rules for interrogations were probably very different.

“Oh, here, you will want these,” Percy said, handing over a stack of what looked like glowing purple dog treats. “I don’t want to lose an arm, so I’ll just let you reward your little crime fighters.”

“Weren’t you just playing with them when we got here earlier?” Micah asked.

“Yeah, that was before they bonded to you. Anyone else that gets near them runs the risk of losing a limb.” Micah just gawked at him.

“Here, watch.” Percy grabbed a treat from the bag he had placed on the desk and held it out, advancing on the pack. Almost immediately snarls and growls erupted and the largest of the pups flared brightly with balefire and lunged forward in front of Micah. He almost instinctively grabbed the hellhoundcat. Percy backed away, and the pup subsided to excited wriggles in Micah’s arms, trying to lick his face.

“The balefire doesn’t touch you,” Lord Azgoth said conversationally. “That’s the final sign of bonding. The pack is yours. Reward them, as they deserve it for their assistance today.”

Micah immediately grabbed the treats and dispensed them out to the pack, who wriggled at his feet like every other puppy he had ever know. Except for the glowy purple stripes, the lion tails and the adorable little manes that had started out of nowhere, and the balefire leaking everywhere. But hey, they were still cute, and when they licked his fingers he had to laugh.

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