Hellscapade: Post 21

Micah laughed as the Hellhoundcats chased tiny flying creatures. Up close, the things looked like butterflies with glowing wings and small fangs. The pups were in no danger of actually catching one as they flew with blinding speed.

“Janal, what are those things?” he asked curiously.

“Oh, those are glowflits. They do have a nasty bite, but aren’t aggressive. They will probably tire of the pack’s antics soon and will find a place to rest.”

Just then, a group of glowflits slowly circled Micah, creating a swirl of colour around him. Janal began to laugh as three of them settled on his shoulder. He smiled as the creatures flapped their wings and encased him in colour.

“Awww. they like you. Just one piece of advice. I suggest you start to wear solid purple or solid black. The glowflits tend to congregate around certain people, and they can clash horribly with loud patterns. I’ll have to have a word with the valet about your wardrobe,” Janal said, her voice sounding perfectly earnest. Micah stood there staring at her, trying to decide if she was just toying with him.

The pups suddenly jumped up as a demon wearing what he now realized were Kurush house colours approached them. They arrayed themselves in front of Micah in full defensive mode, though they looked ready to spring at any moment.

“Hold,” he commanded, hoping it would work. The pups looked up at him, then stayed where they were. He’d take it. The demon facing them looked startled, then his face settled into placid lines again. Micah looked at the demon’s sigil, but aside from the house colours couldn’t decipher what it mean. He’d have to ask Percy for a primer for sure.

The demon was smaller than Janal, dressed very neatly and had an air about him that reminded Micah of a drill sergeant.

“Commander Kurush,” the demon said, bowing to Jamal. “I was told that we have a pack to get settled? I take it these are the new, um, hellhounds? hellcats, um, pack?”

“Yes, Egath. And this is Micah, my brother’s new Packmaster. Micah, Egath is our House Steward.” Egath once again looked startled for just a second.

“Well then, welcome to House Kurush Micah,” Egath bowed then gestured to the right. “If you would follow me, I will show you to the kennels and the training grounds, and we can decide what needs to be done to get everything ready.”

“And Egath, as you may have heard, we’ll need to make sure the staff select an appropriate wardrobe for Micah in house colors,” Janal said, as she followed the Steward.

“Very well, Commander. I shall see if I can trace the appropriate uniform for the Packmaster to wear. And Packmaster, these are the kennels. As you can see, we have not had an actual Pack in many years.”

“Ah, not a uniform, Egath. He requires house colours, not staff colours. My brother went and bound him as his personal Packmaster, and that binding was sealed by Lucifer.”

Egath tripped, but then kept walking into a large Courtyard. Micah looked around at the impressive stone buildings that had every amenity he could think of but was currently empty of life. The glowflits exploded in a flurry of movement and color, followed by the hellhoundcats. He caught a glance of the kennel enclosures and looked over at Janal.

“Commander, so how large do hellhounds and hell lions get anyway?”

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