Hellscapade: Post Eighteen

Azgoth strode through the halls of his ancestral home, Micah nestled in his arms. The hellhoundcat pups had woken on arrival, and were scampering at his heels. He decided to head straight to his rooms, as he didn’t want the staff or any of his annoying relatives to see Micah in such a vulnerable state. So he was currently striding through the never used back corridors, which held a treasure trove of discarded artifacts and the remnants of awful design trends.

As they neared his apartments, the pups startled as a statue suddenly clattered to the floor in front of them when they ran ahead. Instantly, all three unleashed a reign of fire on the unsuspecting artwork, obliterating it. The only thing left at the end was a singed brass nameplate that had bounced off and been spared. Azgoth looked down at the evidence and laughed quietly when he saw his father’s name proudly lettered in singed calligraphy.

Just then he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see his mother striding up. She was dressed in full court regalia and looked beautiful as always.

“What is all this ruckus. What are these animals doing here? Why is the hallway singed? Really, Azgoth, and who the heck are you holding?”

“These are the new pack of the House Kurush, who have just obliterated one of father’s statues,” Azgoth replied, nudging at the bronze plate at his feet.

“Oh, such smart babies! I was wondering where the steward had hidden that awful thing this time. I had almost gotten it out the door and off the cliff when it somehow snuck back in House,” Lady Zorol exclaimed. “Aren’t you such good pups?” she said as she bent down to pet the pack, who were suddenly falling over themselves in excitement at their attention.

Azgoth smiled at her fondly. “Apparently balefire is sufficiently destructive to eradicate father’s latest sculptures. Something to keep in mind.”

“Yes, and our new Pack you said? So if we train them to be sculpture killers, no one can object?”

“Ha! Well, I’ll let you work that particular agreement out with their Packmaster. And this, my dear mother, is our new Packmaster,” Azgoth said, gesturing to the sleeping man in his arms. “If you don’t mind, I shall go see him safely to bed, as he is still recovering from being bound to our house. And then if you like, we can have some tea. Lucifer is most interested in our newest addition, so it’s best you be prepared.”

“Lucifer! If anything, he’s still trying to get into your sisters battle-skirts. But yes, please take care of our new Packmaster. Shall I bring the pups to the kennels?”

“Most likely,” Azgoth said as he entered his quarters, the door opening in front of him. He strode into his sleeping quarters and gently laid Micah down, taking off his boots and loosening his clothes. He no sooner got the man settled, then three pups came bounding in, jumped on the bed, and promptly snuggled up to Micah.

“Or, you know, not,” his mother said, striding in, smiling at the sight of the already snoring pups nestled around their master.

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