Hellscapade: Post Fifteen

“Azgoth,” Lucifer growled.

“My Lord,” Azgoth responded.

Lucifer walked over to Micah, and reaching his hand out, tipped the small human’s head back. Azgoth held himself very still. He wanted to go to Micah, to protect him. But he managed to wrestle his instincts into submission and stood quiet. He was well aware of the danger they were all in at that moment.

“Interesting,” Lucifer said. He looked up again, and Azgoth steeled himself for the rage. But surprisingly, Lucifer looked…intrigued. And almost amused.

Until the hellhoundcats rushed forward in a brawling mass of growls, roars and hellfire, descending on Lucifer in a wild dash. Azgoth felt panic creep up on him. Micah would protect his pack, even from the being that stood before him. But then Lucifer threw his head back and laughed, catching everyone in the office by surprise. Including the pack, who suddenly quieted at the sound.

Lucifer knelt down, and in his commanding voice said: “To Me!” At that, he was met with a pack of obedient hellhoundcats who sat before him with tails wagging and balefire sparking in estatic bursts. Despite their fascination with Lucifer, Azgoth noticed that they still placed themselves in front of Micah. Lucifer obviously noted the same thing.

“So very protective you are of your new master. And braver by far than most who inhabit these lands,” Lucifer said, scratching the ears of the smallest pup. She wriggled in glee at the touch.  “And what are their names?”

“Sir? Um, I haven’t decided yet. Would you perhaps have a suggestion?” Micah asked, his voice respectful but still resolute. Azgoth shivered at his forthright approach to the being that stood amongst them.

Lucifer stared at the small human for a second before standing and turning to Azgoth. “Very well. You and your new Pack Master have my Seal. He and his young Pack are both brave and charming. They will definitely shake things up a bit around here, and I was growing bored.”

At that, Micah’s sigil flared even brighter, and a silver glow remained even when it quieted down a moment later. His Packmaster rank had both Azgoth’s and Lucifer’s colors intertwined. Azgoth knew that his own sigil had been affected as well and that Lucifer’s colors were present in the area that indicated that he had a Packmaster associated with his House and himself.

Lucifer then turned back to Micah, and said thoughtfully, “I believe for names you should consider Bau, Grim, and Mihos.” He pointed at each of the beasts in turn, from smallest to largest. The largest preened, fluffing out that adorable mane. “Yes?”

Micah quickly nodded. “Those sound like excellent names. Thank you, Sir.”

“You may call me Lucifer, and now let’s see to these pups.” With that, the Lord of Hell snapped his fingers, and collars suddenly appeared around three small necks. Each held a glowing black gem, and a name embroidered on the demon-hide leather.

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