Hellscapade: Post Five

Micah took a breath after he was once again alone in his office. His new laptop was all set up and connected to every network known to man, and some others he was pretty sure he didn’t want to follow too far.

He looked over at the prettily stacked boxes in the corner, and then dug up the requisition form that he had been given. Apparently, he had to check off each item on the list before signing it and turning it back in. All 150 pages of it. Each individual item was listed – pen 1, pen 2, pen 3 and so on. Yup. He had been sent straight to Hell.

His eyes were starting to glaze over when he got to page 75 and suddenly he sat up, wide awake. Demon Dust. They were giving him Demon Dust. And his eyes bugged out when he saw that he had 5 packets of the stuff sitting in one of the boxes in the corner. He cautiously looked at the pile of boxes and was slightly relieved when he saw they were clearly labeled. Thank goodness for OCD Supply officers.

He was about to start opening things when his door banged open again.

“I wouldn’t unload anything yet. We’ll just have to pack it up again to bring it below,” a gravel deep voice said as an imposing figure entered the room. The man was over six feet tall and had a chiseled jaw, long dark hair, and bronze skin. His eyes flickered with green fire as he looked at Micah. Yup, definitely demon, and a high level one at that.

“Um, I thought I was supposed be training for the next two weeks,” Micah said, heart racing.

“Change of plans. I gather that there are certain individuals who think that that the charges against Reginald Patterson will dissolve if a certain highly annoying agent is made to go away. Permanently. So my orders are to bring you below as soon as possible. Your training will all be on the job.”

“I guess that means I shouldn’t start unpacking in my quarters either?”

“Right. We’ll get you set up with both a room and an office at Demon HQ. There’s a floor that is used exclusively as living quarters for non-resident agents. Since you are to be my partner, I’m responsible for getting you settled,” the demon said, without an ounce of welcome.

Micah squared his shoulders. “I’m Micah by the way, and you are?”

“I’m Rakon. And I know your name, though I think I prefer highly annoying agent. It’s much more descriptive.”

“I do my job and do it well. I am not annoying,” Micah retorted, irritation lacing his words.

“True. Since I said highly annoying. That’s an important distinction.” Rakon looked around, then swiped a few keys on his datapad. “Ok, logistics will handle transport. Let’s get going.”

“Shouldn’t I check in with Commander Stone first?” Micah asked, finding himself grabbing at excuses. He really wasn’t ready for this.

“Do you value your balls?” Rakon asked.

“Um, yes.”

“Then let’s leave annoying the Commander off our to-do list for today,” Rakon said, patting his shoulder as they left the office.

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