Hellscapade: Post Four

“Delivery!” called a ridiculously cheerful voice from outside his door, interrupting his chain of thought.

He looked up, and saw that his office was being invaded by a young woman dressed like a candy striper had gotten lost in the dominatrix section of the local adult store. Her smile lit up the room as she approached him with a cart piled high with equipment. He stood up to help her unload, and realized that in her 4 inch stilettos she towered over him by a good foot or so. They were killer shoes, and both the shoes and her bustier sparkled in the lights of the office.

“Ok, sweet, I’m going to put all your standard issue electronic equipment on your desk. Don’t be asking me nothing about this stuff, because if I look at it wrong, it all fries. So I’ll just leave it here, and you can take it out and play with it later.” She gave him an assessing look. “Now I was told to bring you everything noted on Form 395-678-888-223-3d, so the rest of these boxes I’ll stack in the corner of the office. I wouldn’t, um, shake them or anything. That would be bad.”

“Bad as in the boss would be angry, or bad as in the whole building will explode?” Micah asked curiously.

“With our boss, it’s the same thing, isn’t it?” she answered with a shrug and started stacking boxes while he just gaped at her. “Now don’t move these boxes either. They are all precisely arranged so don’t mess up the pretty pattern until I leave.”

“Um, thanks. I’m Micah by the way,” he said.

She just laughed. “Oh, sweety, your name is all over this place already. I’m Iris. Now, let’s finish getting you set up so we can check off all these lovely boxes on this form. I love checking off boxes, don’t you? Especially on this form, it’s so nice and neat.”

“Hey Iris, you have everything there? I need to get this one set up pronto, as the word is he’s being shipped down below right quick.” A voice reached him as he realized that an honest to goodness gnome was entering his office. A gnome with thick glasses and a datapad in his hand.

Awesome. Gnome tech support and an OCD succubus as Supply Chief. Yup, he had royally pissed off the powers that be. He suspected it wasn’t going to get any better.

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