Hellscapade: Post Fourteen

Micah tried to clear his head as he sank to his knees. As soon as Azgoth had finished speaking, the pain had slammed into him and shook free every thought in his head. Electrical sparks flirted on the periphery of his vision, taunting him with the destroyed remnants of his ideas.

Whines greeted his ears as he lifted his head, not managing to avoid the enthusiastic licks of his new companions. Damn, they needed names. Whines turned to growls when a hand rested on his shoulder.

“You okay there partner?” Rakon asked. Micah looked up the answer him, and almost squealed in alarm.

“What the fuck is glowing over your head?”

“Glowing? What does it look like?” Rakon asked, looking over at Azgoth. Micah startled when he followed Rakon’s gaze and saw the same weird glowy thing over Azgoth as well.

“I, my god, Azgoth has one too! So does Percy! What the fuck?”

Percy started to laugh. “So do you. Ours all flared up when yours appeared. They’ll dim in a bit unless you trigger them again.”

“Me?” Micah asked. “But what is it?”

“Basically a sigil that holds our rank and house designation. They are usually fairly subtle unless someone looks at them directly to check such things, then they flare brighter. When yours appeared, it made everyone’s flare,” Percy explained. “It’s basically a demon marking, one that humans can’t see.”

“Dude, I’m human. So how come I can see them all of a sudden?”

“Well….Human is such a relative thing. You now belong to a Demon House, and have a rank,” Percy mused. “I suspect that you will have access to all areas and items that are locked down for Demon use only. With your ranking, it would be hard not to.”

“My ranking?” Micah asked, looking at Azgoth.

“I claimed you as my Packmaster. That makes you an official member of my House. Because I claimed you personally, your ranking is a bit skewed,” Azgoth explained as Micah just gaped at him.

“Claimed me? This isn’t some weird mating shit is it?” Micah asked, too tired and angry to be subtle.

Rakon began to smile, then started laughing loudly as he stared at Azgoth. “Weird mating shit? Um, no.  It just means that your Rank is tied to his Lordship’s. Since he is head of the House, you are now the official Packmaster of the Kurush House.”

“And my dear not-so-human, that means your housing woes are all gone. You will have a suite available for your use at the official Kurush House residence.”

“Exactly!” Azgoth burst out, appearing more flustered than Micah had realized. “You will have a suite that is sufficient in size, and the access to the kennels. In fact, the kennels now fall under your domain.”

“Does that mean I have a second job, or?” Micah asked, trying to make sense of it all.

“Well, I am both Demon in charge here at the Hellsgate office, and Lord of the Kurush House. You will be an agent of this office as well as of my House. That is all.” Azgoth said firmly, looking more assured. “Percy, please contact Erron and have him get started on Micah’s suite. Make sure you explain the pack situation.”

Rakon helped Micah get to his feet, then turned to watch Percy walk away, an odd expression on his face. “Now that you can see the sigils, you’ll want to learn how to read them. It can be very helpful to know exactly who you are dealing with in our line of work.”

“Is there a Sigil 101 course?” Micah asked, his thoughts racing.

“Um, no. But there are some books, and we can help you,” Rakon responded, laughing. His laughter cut off as the doors burst open and power flared all around them. A man strode through. No, not a man. Micah may be still in shock, but even he recognized the being that stood before him.

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