Hellscapade: Post Eight

“Come!” Azgoth shouted when the door began to shake from the pounding it was getting. Where the ever living heck was Percy? That was his job, to keep marauders from his door.

“Lord Azgoth, I must protest!” yammered the annoying and shortly to be obliterated demon on his doorstep.

“Really? You must? How very interesting,” Azgoth drawled.

“The dust dealers are blatant in their transactions. My shop is currently crawling with undesirables who scare off my regular customers. You must do something!” Ilrazun ranted as he threw his hands in the air.

Just then the door slammed open again, as Azgoth thought fondly of what his life had been like just last week. Too much work to do to be sure, but there was far less slamming and yelling. And then the sounds of Hellhound pups howling off-key in excitement assaulted his ears as they accompanied the idiot human and his partner into his office.

He glared at Rakon, who only smirked back at him. As he looked at the chaos that was his office, he needed them all gone.

“Very well. Help you shall have. Micah and Rakon, you are assigned to investigate the demon dust situation at the shop owned by Mr. Annoying here. Now all of you get out of my office!” He exploded. With that, the Alpha baby hellhoundcat thing hissed hellfire at him again.

“Especially you!” He pointed at the annoying pup. “Now all of you, out!”

He reveled in the beautiful silence until Percy cleared his throat.

“What?!” he asked his assistant. Who had shown up too late to avert the chaos that had become his life.

“Was that entirely wise? I mean, I know you and Ilrazun aren’t exactly friends, but he does play poker with Lucifer every Thursday.”

“That bastard’s precious shop is a front for the most ridiculously profitable and illegal import business. He is such a pretentious git. I should have arrested him ages ago.” Azgoth ranted, pacing around the room, tension still roiling him up.

“Poker. Lucifer.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. But the man is just so…”

“And didn’t you get him to get that tea set your mother just had to have after she saw it advertised at Tiffany’s? What will you do for her birthday next year if you arrest him?” Percy asked reasonably.

He glared at his assistant. He hated when Percy got all logical and reasonable. So annoying! “Very well, But I didn’t obliterate him. Or even arrest him. In fact, I sent him help. Now, I would like to bask in the peace and quiet. Shoo!”

“But any dust dealers willing to take on Ilrazun aren’t going to be low-level scum. They’re going to be a much more dangerous bunch. And you sent Rakon, an untrained human, and a pack of baby houndcats.” Percy put in quietly, actually looking concerned. Was there something Azgoth had missed? He couldn’t want the human could he? Azgoth wrenched his thoughts back in line before he obliterated the best assistant he had ever had.

“I said shoo!” Azgoth glared at Percy.

“But I mean, Rakon just got back, and I think there may still be some demons gunning for him. And it’s not like he has real backup right now,” Percy started to babble as Azgoth grinned.

“Let’s just wait and see. This is exactly what they were sent here for. You have to let them do their job,” Azgoth said, trying out the calm and reasonable approach. Yup, Percy looked more annoyed than ever. Excellent!

His assistant left in a huff, muttering to himself the entire way. Azgoth was pretty sure he caught the words “Lord Dic” in there somewhere. As he left the office, the stack of papers in front of Az’goth tripled. He glared at the offending documents as they went up in flame. But then he smiled again. He suspected that things would get very interesting by the end of the day. While Percy was right that the situation was likely dangerous, he also had gleaned some very interesting details from the personnel files that he had actually read. Not that he would ever admit to having done so.

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