Hellscapade: Post Seventeen

“I’ll have Micah’s stuff packed up and sent to your estate,” Percy said. “Y’all get on home. I’m gonna call Janal too and have her send over some reinforcements for tomorrow so you guys can get settled in.”

“Yes, boss!” Rakon replied with a smirk as Percy rolled his eyes.

“Thank you, Percy. Ignore the idiot.” He turned to Micah, who had Bau snuggled up and asleep in his arms. The two other pups had cuddled up together by his feet. His heart swelled as he realized that his Packmaster was coming home.

He reached down and picked up the sleeping pups, then handed one to Rakon. He nodded at Micah to head out of the office. The three of them followed the quiet roads through the heart of the Hellsgate district. The cobblestone streets were a familiar pattern under his feet, drenched in light and shadow as the quiet  purple-green wisps surrounded them. The light was more intense than normal, and Azgoth realized that the wisps were congregating around Micah.

Rakon chuckled at the sight of Micah striding through the heart of the city in a spotlight of wisp energy. “Hopefully they will grow bored before we get to the estate or he’ll have trouble sleeping with his adoring crowd …”

Just then the carriage pulled up sporting Kurush house livery, with six perfectly matched hellsteeds. Two demons jumped down and quickly opened the doors. Azgoth caught the shocked look on Micah’s face as he was swept up into the carriage. He got the exhausted man settled on a bench.

“I’ll go and make sure Percy has the arrangements straight, then retire to my own quarters,” Rakon said quietly from outside the carriage, having handed over his pup. All three were now nestled on Micah’s lap.

“Very good. Make sure to get yourself settled back in tomorrow while you have the chance. Lucifer’s visit tells me that things will be hectic in the coming days. Visit your mother before she shows up at the office.”

“I will be sure to give my mother your love,” Rakon said with a smirk before his expression turned pensive as he glanced at Micah. “Will he be recovered after tomorrow?”

“I honestly don’t know. I don’t remember the last time we had a human bound to a House, so to be honest I don’t know what effect it may have. But you may be sure that I will keep an eye on him.”

“You do that. I am feeling remarkably protective of my new partner,” Rakon said, then unfurled his wings and took off. The doors were then closed on the carriage. As predicted, as soon as the steeds began to move, Micah promptly fell asleep under a blanket of hellhoundcat pups.

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