Hellscapade: Post Sixteen

The hellhoundcats puffed up and attempted to look fierce in their new collars. Micah tried not to laugh as they wriggled with glee. He bent down and picked up Bau, who promptly started to lick his face. He then lost the battle and laughed out loud.

He looked up to see Lucifer looking at him cradle the pup, an odd expression on his face. Micah wordlessly handed Bau over, and Lucifer brought the pup up to his face for a brief snuggle before handing her back.

“Azgoth, register your new Packmaster under your House banner tomorrow.”

“Yes, sire,” Azgoth replied, voice tinged with relief.

“Oh, and I got your report on the illegal dust trade. I want your office on that full time right now. Any other items that come across your desk, have Janal deal with. If she complains, tell her to bring it to me,” Lucifer said with a wicked smile.

“Gah. Stop perving on my sister. She’s still pissed at me over the last time you tried to woo her,” Azgoth groaned.

“Woo? Seriously, who even uses that word anymore?” Percy piped up, as Lucifer threw back his head and laughed.

Sadly, as entertaining as this all is, I must prepare for a state dinner tonight. Keep me up to date on the investigation.” With that, Lucifer strode out of the office in a rush of power. Micah could swear that he felt his ears pop when he exited.

Rakon strode over and gripped Micah’s shoulder. “Well, it looks like I don’t have to worry about you being called topside on me. Which is good. It’s been a long time since I had a decent partner.”

“What?” Micah asked, comprehension eluding him as a wave of exhaustion crashed into him.

Just then, Bau wriggled in his arms in an explosion of balefire and Rakon laughed. “I don’t think your new friends would like it if you were reassigned. Besides, you are now the Packmaster to the House Kurush. I don’t think Azgoth is letting you go anywhere.”

“He will be recorded as such in the official books tomorrow. That will put him off limits for any topside assignments without my express permission,” Azgoth said, a supremely smug tone to his voice.

Percy chuckled as well. “Yeah, and then there’s the fact that Lucifer seems to like you. Yeah, Rakon is right. You’re stuck with us. It’s a good thing too, because Rakon is miserable to be around when he doesn’t have a decent partner.”

“Hey, I only destroyed the office once. Azgoth does that all the time,” Rakon complained.

“And on that lovely note, I think I need to get our boy here settled in. He’s about to fall asleep on his feet,” Azgoth said. Micah thought he should complain about being called “our boy,” but he really didn’t have the energy. Besides, he kinda liked it. It felt nice to belong. It had been a very long time since he had truly belonged anywhere. He would have to figure out what it meant that he finally did so standing in the office of a demon lord. But he would do that tomorrow, once he had gotten some sleep.

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