Hellscapade: Post Ten

Micah found himself following Rakon out of the nightmare of a store, hard on the heels of the demon that had traded bags for cash in the clearance aisle. The demon they were trailing was fast, and a whole different category from most of those he had met so far. He took comfort in the fact that he had a partner, and unlike any that he’d had over the past five years, he surprisingly felt that he could trust Rakon to back him up.

He quickly lost track of direction. He realized just how reliant he was on having a familiarity with the territory he was assigned. He could only hope that there would be time tomorrow to demand a thorough tour/scouting expedition.

Ahead of him, Rakon stopped. He looked to see that his new companions stopped with them. They stood surprisingly quiet and alert, faces staring at him adoringly. Which, wow. Such deadly cuteness. He had always thought of himself as a dog person rather than a cat person, but it looked like he was doubling down.

Rakon crept forward slowly and silently, signaling him to wait. He drew even with a split in the walled alley that glowed an ominous purple. After checking, Rakon signaled him forward. Just as he stepped forward, a movement above him startled him into dropping reflexively. That saved him from the demon that was aiming at his head on a fly by but left him exposed to the two that boiled out of the doorway to their left.

He was raising his service revolver, knowing it was going to be too late, when both demons went down hard before they could reach him. Rakon was crouched over him in defensive posture, having knocked both demons back somehow, and tossed a balefire grenade in their direction.

Micah caught the flying demon’s turn out of the corner of his eye and fired a shot now that he had his weapon in position. He was honestly surprised when the target tumbled from the sky and slightly horrified when the cute little Hellhoundcats pounced and immediately began mauling the injured demon.

Confident that the flyer posed no further threat, Micah turned back to see that Rakon had subdued both stunned demons. He walked over to help his partner secure the suspects, then they both turned to the mess on the ground.

‘Wow. Bloodthirsty little critters,” Rakon said, sounding impressed, as Micah pulled the pack off their suspect. “Good job on the mid-flight shot by the way.”

“Thanks. And thank you.”

“For what?” Rakon asked, securing the third suspect as Micah praised the pack, and got them out of the gore.

“For having my back.”

“Listen, cause I’m only going to say this once. You are my partner. The fact that we are assigned together because of a political sideshow doesn’t change that. I will always have your back.”

Micah swallowed over the lump in his throat that threatened to choke him. “Thank you. That’s not something I could count on in my partners up until now. Know that I take that seriously as well, and will do my best to protect you.”

Rakon looked down at the bloody mess that stained the glowing purple street, the bound prisoner moaning to one side. “Yeah. I noticed. And apparently, our partnership comes with the bonus of a cleanup crew.”

“Cleanup? They seemed to make quite a mess.”

“Oh, if you had given them long enough…Ok, time to call this one in.”

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