Hellscapade: Post Thirteen

“They are yours, so you may name them whatever you like,” Azgoth said with a smile. He was amused at Micah’s fretting over his pack.“Of course, if you pick wrong you will be mocked until the end of time.”

“Oh, I know! You should name them Brittany, Celine, and Mariah! That would be perfect!” Janal said, mischief in her voice. Everyone in the room turned to look at her, disbelief in their eyes until she laughed.

“Ok, Janal, as entertaining as this might be, I fear we’re going to have to cut it short. My new agents have had quite an eventful day, and I’m sure would like to call it a day,” he said, as he made shooing motions at his sister. She laughed as she sauntered off, blowing a kiss to Micah as she left. The hellhoundcats were not impressed and worked themselves up to a roaring cacophony that hurt the ears.

“Hey, now. None of that,” Micah told them calmly, and they immediately settled, nestled into him. He reached down to touch them reassuringly. Then he yawned around a tired apology.

“You two must be exhausted! I received your lodging paperwork, let me find that for you,” Percy said, rummaging on his desk. He triumphantly emerged with two packets. He opened the first and said brightly “Rakon, you have a single suite in the Death Spire. Not a bad location, and an easy walk for you to get here. Not that you need agency housing, though.”

“I’ll take the assignment, thank you Percy,” Rakon responded with a shuttered expression on his face. He took the packet from Percy, who looked at him in concern while opening the second packet. Percy coughed, then turned to Micah. “You’ve been assigned to the Bungalow.”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna happen,” Azgoth responded as he took the paper from Percy. “You’ve gotta get this changed.”

“How?” Percy asked. “The Bungalow makes perfect sense in this case.”

“Um, what is the Bungalow?” Micah asked.

“Basically dormitory housing. And perfectly normal for an unranked alien on temporary assignment. You know this. There is no way to get around it,” Percy answered, going into lecturing mode. Azgoth hated the lecturing mode. Because his assistant was always right when he went on about things like that.

“But not at all appropriate for someone who has a Pack,” Azgoth stated, indignation flaring.

“You know as well as I that the Demons of Assigned Housing will tell him to place the pack in the public kennels.”

“Oh fuck no,” Azgoth replied, his anger riding him. There was no way that his pack was going to the public kennels. Not that it was actually his pack, but still. It was his Micah’s pack. His employee Micah he quickly corrected himself. Not his Micah. Angel wings rustled in his belly at the thought.

“Percy’s right,” Rakon stated, coming up to stand beside the small demon. “I’d suggest that he and I could switch, but that wouldn’t work either. I know the lot that lives in Death Spire and they’ll be complaining about the hellhoundcats within moments.”

Azgoth fumed, then brightened. “If I declare him Packmaster, he’ll no longer be unranked.”

Percy just sighed. “You can’t just declare him to be a Packmaster. The requirements are vast, and the paperwork would make you drown your office in hell fire.”

“My aunt declared her long ago lover to be Packmaster. It’s a family legend.”

“Yes, she declared him to be HER Packmaster. As in for her house.  Not a ranked Packmaster. His ranking of Packmaster was associated with her House ranking, which was not insubstantial, so the basic result was the same.” Percy gave him that look. The one that said he was being unreasonable again. Azgoth ignored it and brightened as the solution came to him. It was brilliant if he did say so himself.

“OK, let’s do that,” Azgoth said with a relieved smile, as Percy and Rakon just gaped at him. Micah merely looked confused.

He ignored the looks and turned to Micah. “Micah, Agent of the DDEA and bonded of these, um, hellhoundcats, I hereby declare you to be my Packmaster.”

At his words, ritual underlying every syllable, a rush of magic swept through him and into the room. Azgoth felt his nerves flare beyond bearing, then relief as the onslaught eased. He opened his eyes to the sight of Micah, starting at him in utter shock.

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