Hellscapade: Post Three

Micah looked at the list of needed supplies in his hand. They had to be kidding. He then looked at the man sitting in the chair behind the desk he was facing and realized they weren’t kidding. That wasn’t a face that did kidding.

“So, where do I pick up all this stuff?” Micah asked, trying not to sound too freaked out. His new boss, Hayden Stone, was looking at him like he was trying to decide if he would make a good subject for a demonstration dissection.

“It will be delivered to your office within the hour.”

“My office?”

“ You have been temporarily assigned to the office two doors down. Well, the office you will share with your partner. He should be here later today. You will both go through the requisite training, and be reassigned to Hellsgate at the end of the month. No questions? Good. Someone will be by with your supplies soon. Try not to blow yourself up.” And with that his new boss looked back down at the papers on his desk, dismissing him entirely.

Micah decided that it was time to escape.

The office next door was closed and dark. Presumably empty, but it was really hard to assume anything around here. The next door stood open, and beyond it stood a large office with two desks and chairs and not much else.

Micah carefully eased his way into the office and dropped down into one of the chairs. The adrenaline was wearing off, and the exhaustion had snuck back in. He plugged in his phone, and briefly mourned the laptop that he’d had to turn in at his old office before he left. The office was the oddest he’d ever been assigned. There were no windows and the decor was odd. The furniture was stainless steel, the floor was some type of poured concrete with swirled colours, and the walls were honest to goodness brick.

The lack of windows made sense, given the location. When the Director had told him to proceed to the 13th floor, he had gotten confused when he stepped on the elevator and realized that though the building was 15 stories high, there was no 13th floor – it skipped from 12 to 14 as it often did in large buildings. However, when he skimmed his badge over the scanner in the elevator, it automatically shut the door and eventually, the doors opened. No floors were illuminated in the elevator, but clearly, he had arrived at his destination.

Obviously, the 13th floor was some form of black ops, a covert wing of the Government Agency that he worked for. Which…was really rather frightening. The normal (and public) operations of the DDEA involved some freaky ass shit. Normal police work wasn’t really an option when dealing with demon drug distribution rings.

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