Hellscapade: Post Twelve

Just then the office door was flung open, and the pack immediately went on alert in front of Micah.

“Azgoth! You miserable son of a mangy she-goat. How dare you set me up…” The striking demoness who strode in the room came to a stop on seeing the crowd in the office. She was tall and outfitted in leather armour that allowed her bright purple wings freedom of movement. Her eyes filled with glee at the sight of the Pack.

“When did you get puppies, brother dear? Are you bringing them home? They are adorable!” On that last exclamation, balefire was cast in her direction as she laughed loudly.

“Too. Cute.”

“Janal, what are you doing here?” Lord Azgoth said. “You just can’t come barging into my office like that. You have your own perfectly nice office. I can give you directions to get back to it if you need me to.”

“Well, brother dear, I had come to let you know just how much I appreciate your attempt to set me up with that idiot last night. My sword will provide a nice token of appreciation, stuck right up your ass. Really, what were you thinking?”

‘What idiot?” Lord Azgoth asked.

“The one who said he was your very good friend from Academy and had my contact info that you had texted him. Apparently, you had run into him in the Atomic Disco, and… Oh, never mind. You don’t remember do you?” She stopped and glowered at her brother.

“Um, no?” Lord Azgoth replied, looking adorably confused. Micah started to chuckle. The Pack ran back over to demand attention, and he bent down to dole out pets.

“Oh, my. Can I have him?” the Demoness asked, looking directly at Micah for the first time.

“Have who?” Lord Azgoth asked, still looking confused.

“The cutie that has his hands full of puppies. I mean, the sheer amount of cuteness is making my brain overload.”

“Lady Janal, dear, that is my new partner and one of the agents who works for your brother. So, no.” Rakon replied.

Janal pouted outrageously. “But just look at him!”

At her exclamation, the hellhoundcat pups again arrayed themselves in front of Micah, growling furiously and leaking balefire.

“He’s one of my agents, not a puppy.” Lord Azgoth growled. “No poaching. Now go terrorize your own agents and leave mine alone.”

“Ooooh. Touchy. Oh, very well. Rakon, good to see you again. Now that you are back try and keep my dear brother away from that ridiculous nightclub. I am running out of places to put the heads of all the idiots that he decides I’d like to settle down with after he’s had a few balebrews.”

“Janal, stop toying with my new agent,” Lord Azgoth chided his sister, sounding like this was an argument they’d had before.

The demoness laughed, and Micah was struck by just how beautiful she looked. Scary, but beautiful. He didn’t date women, or um, demonesses, but he could certainly see why she had a steady supply of suitors. She gestured at Micah. “Stop ruining my fun. I think I almost had him convinced.”

Micah laughed, enjoying the banter between the siblings. It tugged at something deep within him, but he didn’t want to think too hard about what that may be. Luckily, just at that moment the smallest of the pups had wandered back and grabbed his hand in an apparent attempt at tug of war. Looking at the three, he realized something critical.

“Hey guys, what do you think I should name them? Are there rules on that?” he asked.

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