Hellscapade: Post 26

As it turned out, Rakon’s all day meeting topside was the following Friday. And while he was gleefully using the opportunity to torment his partner, he was secretly grateful that it was more than a week away. He enjoyed having Rakon as a partner. They had meshed well together from the beginning. He didn’t want to be tackling the job solo just yet.

‘Okay, well, Micah and I need to head out soon. We have a lead to track down on those dust dealers,” Rakon told Janal and Percy.

“Very well,’ Janal said. “I’ll get the files from Percy on the rest of the cases you guys were working so that you can concentrate on the demon dust situation like Lucifer wanted.”

Just then four demons came striding into the office.  

“Janal!” One of the demons exclaimed, then rushed forward. Micah instinctively shifted so that he was in front of Janal, the pups jumping forward in a mass of snarling balefire.

The demon halted suddenly and Janal laughed, then stepped forward to tousle Micah’s hair.

“Aww, thank you sweetie. The rude fellow is my senseless cousin Marrack. He didn’t mean any harm,” she said soothingly.

“Ha! As if. I think the last time I tried to take you on I was recovering for a week,” Marrack said with a chuckle, then bent down to croon to the pups. They continued the snarl and spark balefire until Micah told them to calm.

“Marrack, Quitz, Punt, and Ilgren all work out of this office,” Rakon said, pointing to each in turn. “Everyone, meet Micah, my new partner and the new Packmaster for House Kurrush. Next to him is Vazga, his assistant.”

Ilgren began to laugh then. “He’s human, Rakon. Don’t treat us like rookies that you can easily fool. Don’t think you can get me to bow to this weak creature by giving him a title he doesn’t own.”

Anger flared through Micah, and the purple sparks he had seen everywhere suddenly surrounded him as he felt his sigil flare to life. Deep down, he felt his connection to Azgoth and power surged through him. Silver lightning twined through the purple, and he felt his hair begin to stand on end.

“Micah, honey, I need you to look at me and be calm. Ilgren spoke out of turn, but intended no insult on your House,” Janal said calmly. Micah absently noted that everyone else had taken a step back. Rakon had grabbed Percy and put the smaller demon behind him. Just then Azgoth appeared in the office and strode forward, putting his hand on Micah’s shoulder. The contact centered Micah, and let him get his swirling thoughts under control.

“Calm,” he said to the snarling Pack at his feet, and they immediately subsided. The lighting tinged deep purple began to fade, and be replaced by the faint purple sparks that he was used to. Micah looked up to see the four newcomers kneeling down in front of them.

“What happened?” Azgoth snarled. “Punt, report.”

The sole woman in the group of four stood forward. “Rakon introduced your new Packmaster, your Lordship, and Ilgren thought it was a prank since he is human and scoffed at him. Then Lord Micah started to channel Lucifer’s lightning.”

“Micah is my Packmaster and my Heart The binding was blessed by Lucifer’s seal. I suggest you act accordingly,” Azgoth said, his face set in harsh lines. “Micah, Punt here is my senior Guard, and partnered with Marrack.”

“Ma’am,” Micah said respectfully.

“As you may have heard, Lucifer wants us focused on the demon dust case. Janal’s teams will handle our normal cases. So this afternoon I would like everyone to get all the information on non-dust related cases together so that we can hand them over.”

“And I will be sending you reports on anything that seems dust related, brother mine,” Janal said.

“Very good. So I would like everyone back here at 8:00 tomorrow morning to brief on our strategy. Concentrate for now on handing over any existing cases.”

“Micah and I don’t have anything in the wind at the moment aside from the dust case, and I just got notice of a new lead. We were going to follow up on that this afternoon,” Rakon told Azgoth.

Micah looked down at his Pack, who were still sparkling and starting to yawn a bit. “Perhaps Vazga can look after the pups while we are gone.”

Percy just laughed. “Yeah, they make it hard to be inconspicuous now don’t they.”

“They’ll be a tremendous asset soon enough. And yeah, I’ll let them nap for a bit and then work with them on their commands. When you are back Micah, I’ll show you what they’ve learned and how to work with them,” Vazga said, looking proudly at the pups.

“Be safe, my Heart,” Azgoth muttered as he kissed Micah’s forehead then stepped back to let him leave with Rakon.

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