Hellscapade: Post 36

Micah stewed silently as Phenex continued to needle Rakon. The Pack grew restless with his anger swirling around them, and Arroc suddenly let out a roar. Everything stopped.

“That is Arroc,” Phenex said with a start, as if looking at the hell lion for the first time. “Sabnock’s Arroc.”

“Indeed,” Micah spat out furiously. “You tried to use your power to influence me.”

Phenex looked to Rakon, who just scowled at the demon lord.

“My boy, my power is part of me. Like Sabnock with his lions. It’s … what I am,” he shrugged. “I will not apologize for it. You are here, in my territory and at my sufferance.”

“We are here on official business, Phenex. You know the rules,” Rakon said. “Dial it back for the rest of this discussion.”

Micah watched Phenex glare at his partner. There was definitely a story there. But it was a story for another time. Phenex himself was still beautiful, but he had done as instructed and it wasn’t an overwhelming thing to Micah’s senses. The demon was tall and lithe, and his attire was perfectly tailored for his form. The peacock blue waistcoat he wore shimmered with light and was a perfect counterpoint to his midnight blue pants.

“What do you know of the dust crises?” Micah asked Phenex, distracting him from his target. Phenex turned to Micah, his glare morphing into a smirk.

“As much as anyone on the Council. So probably more than you, my pretty little human,” Phenex said in a drawling tone. He reached out towards Micah, who took a step backwards. Arroc once again let out a low growl that echoed through Micah, soothing him in an odd way. He really did need to do a lot more research into the whole Packmaster thing, if only he could find some time.

“Well, the interesting thing, my Lord Phenex, is that in the midst of this crises there is an interesting anomaly. No business that you own has been hit in any of the associated crimes,” Micah continued.

“Well, now. That is interesting,” Phenex said, his tone suddenly clear and sharp. His eyes had gone from languid seduction to agate hard steel.

“Yes, it is. Which is why we are here. You see, my partner seems to find such a coincidence to be suspicious.”

“Rakon would find me waking up in the morning to be suspicious, darling,” Phenex said as Rakon burst into laughter.

“I find your very breathing to be suspicious, Phenex. So get over yourself. Here’s the deal. As far as I can tell there are three options. One, you are heading up the shadow faction amongst the Nine and doing so very ineptly. Two, someone is setting you up to take a fall. Three, you are involved and making it look like you are being set up.”

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