Hellscapade: Post 37

As Micah and Rakon walked into Headquarters, everyone looked up. “So?” asked Percy, his eyes intent on Rakon.

“I want to strangle him with my bare hands while I repeatedly kick him in the balls,” said Rakon, exasperation in his voice. “Sadly, I don’t think he’s involved in our case.”

“Looks like he’s being set up, as we expected. The good news is that he’s now aware of being set up like a patsy, and he’s beyond angry,” Micah said with a faint smile as Percy shuddered.

“The idea of Phenex truly angry is not something to take comfort in,” Percy said.

“Nor is it something that we can rely on to move our case forward,” Azgoth said as he walked over. “While I think everything you did today was necessary, we also need to be aware of the knife’s edge we are walking. War is looming, and it won’t take much to bring it on.”

“Speaking of starting wars,” Rakon started to say, as Micah turned to glare at his partner. He had tried to convince Rakon to avoid mentioning Phenex’s tactics today. He had disagreed with getting Azgoth worked up on top of everything else. “Phenex tried to use his powers to seduce your boy here.”

“Boy?” Micah asked with disgust. “I’m your partner, not a boy.”

“He did what?” Azgoth asked, his voice holding a lethal edge, interrupting Micah’s impending tirade.

“Oh don’t get too worked up Demon Daddy,” Rakon said as Percy began to choke with laughter. “Micah here stopped Phenex in his tracks. I thought Arroc was going to rip out entrails.” The big hell lion snorted and nudged at Micah’s hand. Micah’ instinctively began to scratch behind Arroc’s ears as the hellhoundcat pups mobbed him. They had been on edge the entire trip back.

“I can’t believe you just said that. Demon Daddy. Lucifer is gonna love it,” Percy managed to get out.

“Not. One. Word.” Azgoth threatened Percy. Then he turned to Rakon, still obviously fuming.“I will speak with Phenex myself,”

“You know that’s not a good idea,” Rakon said. “He’s none too fond of you.”

“Oh, and he just loves you,” Azgoth said with disgust.

“No, but he seems willing to talk to my new partner. Which is unexpected, but very useful. Phenex may seem like a conceited prick, but his mind is sharp. I think we need to go back in a few days to follow up with him,” Rakon said.

“Oh! I almost forgot. But your new uniform came!” Percy said cheerfully just as Azgoth looked ready to explode.

“War is imminent and you want to discuss new uniforms?” Azgoth asked.

“Yes! I mean, you don’t want to go into battle not looking your best,” Percy said. Micah just groaned as Percy’s attempts at deflecting Azgoth were amusing if not effective. “And remember we said Micah needed black to best show off the glowflits?”

Micah took the proffered case and opened it up. The black garment looked like a designer take on a SWAT team uniform.

“Go try it on!” Percy shooed him off towards the locker room.

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