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Sean Michael stopped by to talk about classic fairy tails. With a twist.

Thank you to Kim for hosting me today!

Kim asked me to talk about writing multiples especially when it comes to romance. It’s a great topic, because it is not always easy to write multiples, especially when it comes to making sure everyone gets their time on screen and even more difficult when it comes to sex scenes. I’ll tackle both here.

Time on screen. This is definitely a balancing act. I might do a scene where all the leads (in the case of Goldilocks, that means four) are present, but the main discussion might be between two of the characters. I have gone back through what I’ve written more than once to discover that I totally left out the other two characters as if they weren’t even in the room. Now, they don’t necessarily have to be a part of the conversation, but if they are there, it’s nice to have the two characters who are conversing to notice their presence now and then. And, depending on the conversation, they really ought to join in here and there with a comment.

Sometimes this is easy for me to do because the characters are so loud in my head and driving the conversation and action, so I just try and keep up. But not all characters and all books write easily and I do have to make an effort to include all of the parties involved. The best way for me to do this is to try to write the scene as organically as possible, and then go back and make sure everyone is present and accounted for.

Sex scenes. Well, there are a lot of hands and lips and other body parts to keep track of! I think that the fact that I write MM actually makes doing multiples easier when it comes to sex scenes. Not that it’s easy, but it’s easier than if I usually wrote MF sex scenes. I’m already adept at making sure it’s not all he he he he during the sex scene, so it’s harder because there are now four male characters instead of only two, but I am already aware of the pitfalls of there being more than one male and to be mindful that the reader knows which he is doing what to whom. Sometimes it means having somewhat convoluted sentences, like the pervious one here!

I like to believe that I got the balance right in Goldilocks and the Three Bears and everyone got a chance to be onscreen and be known. I hope you enjoy reading the tale as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

On the run from a pack of wolves, Locke, a mountain lion shifter, comes upon an empty cabin in the woods. When he discovers that not only is the door open, but there’s jerky and cookies on the counter, just sitting there like an invitation, he slinks in and makes himself at home.

Kodi, Griz and Pole are all bear shifters. When they make their way home after a lengthy shopping expedition to get ready for the winter, they discover an interloper in their home. Not only has he eaten all the food they’d left out for their return, but he’s asleep in the middle of their bed.  Anger turns swiftly to desire, when they see Locke, and realize he’s sporting nasty bruises – desire to help, desire to love on and desire to keep.

Will these four shifters get their fairytale ending? Find out in this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

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Locke had never been so cold, and the cabin stood there—empty of lights and people and promising to be warmer than sitting out in the trees. He’d watched it for four days, but he needed food, a fire, a long nap. His paws hurt, he couldn’t feel his tail, and he was fucking exhausted.

The inhabitants of this place weren’t here. He would just go in, get warm and maybe grab a bite to eat. That was it.

He just…

Hell, he was hurt and scared, cold and tired and on the run. A night of sleep would make all the difference in the world.

He crept onto the porch, the scent of the cabin’s owners filling his nose. Male. Musky. He touched the door and to his shock, it immediately opened an inch or two.

That wasn’t breaking in, right? He peered in, whiskers twitching madly. He yowled, so softly.

Only silence answered him.

The smell of male was even stronger inside, and beneath that he could detect something else. Oatmeal?

His nose wrinkled, but the scent still drew him. Spicy and sweet and so warm.

Then he saw them, in the kitchen, in the middle of the wooden table. A plate of oatmeal cookies. They were obviously homemade—each one a different size.

He hopped up on the table, snarfing them all down. Oh, so good. He purred softly, searching for any crumbs. He licked up all the ones he could find, then leapt across to the kitchen counter, finding some apples in a bowl and eating them too.

Oh. Salmon jerky. Yum. That was his favorite of the things he’d found and he cleaned up every last piece. At last his belly wasn’t empty, for the first time in so long.

A huge yawn nearly dislocated his jaw.

Oh. Nappage.

It was cloudy and cold, so no sunbeam, but still… He jumped down and padded through the huge cabin in search of a warm spot.

There were three big chairs in front of the fireplace, but there was no fire there so no warmth, and he kept going. He could see a large bed at the far end of the room and it boasted a colorful comforter and a half dozen pillows.


Oh, yes.

Locke jumped onto the bed, curling up in the blankets with a soft sigh.

He’d been run out of the city by a group of gangsters, the wolves snapping and tearing at him as he ran. His body was sore, his wounds not having a chance to heal while he was out in the elements and he was so tired, deep down into his bones.

This was what he needed.





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Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

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