Hellscapade: Post 40

Michael stepped back with an extravagant bow to the boos and hisses from the audience. This was punctuated by rabid applause from the small angelic contingent. Bercan stepped forward, taking the microphone and sweeping to the front of the stage. He pointedly ignored Michael, who blew him a kiss. Seriously? Angel boy was trying to be a player.

“Azgoth, Lucifer has asked that you provide our Champion,” Bercan’s voice startled Micah. He looked at Azgoth in concern. There was no way he was getting up on that stage. At best, he sounded like a cacophony of squabbling cats. His college friends had barred him from ever stepping on stage at the local karaoke bar after an unfortunate night that started with vodka and ended with him being choked out by the bartender.

Azgoth just smirked then turned behind him, where Rakon and Percy were standing with Janal. 

“Secret weapon time?” asked Janal.

“Secret weapon time,” Azgoth confirmed, bowing to Percy. Percy’s sigil glowed brightly as it showed Azgoth’s house crest. Rakon rolled his eyes, but guided Percy up to the stage with the rest of them following. Rakon boosted Percy up. Micah was shocked to see his smile as he looked around the arena. 

“Percy,” said Lucifer, with his eyebrow raised. “You are Rakon’s appointed Champion in this battle?” 

Percy nodded and the crowd began to grumble, obviously not impressed at their Champion. Some began pushing forward, yelling out names that should be on stage. Beside him, Arroc snarled. The pups crowded into Micah, forming a protective wedge. Lucifer looked at the chaos threatening to erupt and sent a blast of magic into the crowd pressing up to the stage, knocking down demons like dominos.

Percy was busily looking at the list that Bercan handed him, ignoring the havoc wreaked around him. He smiled as he handed the list back, then walked over to the selection of instruments on the side of the stage and grabbed a violin. Even more groans swept through the audience. Micah heard someone mutter next him “I thought the whole idea was to avoid the idiot classical composers,” before his companion shushed him, looking at Lucifer nervously.

But Micah couldn’t blame him really. A violin in a karaoke battle? What the hell? And then the music started and Percy launched into The Devil went down to Georgia as the crowd went silent. When he hit the perfect notes for the fiddle solo, wild cheers rang through the arena. Micah glanced up to see the wide grin on Lucifer’s face. Beside him, Rakon stared up at the stage, eyes intent on Percy who was in the thrall of the music.

As the song ended, Percy looked up, a wide grin splitting his face as the audience yelled in appreciation. The judges had jumped up to applaud and quickly declared Percy to be the winner. Michael scowled as he stalked off the stage.

“Don’t forget, Michael!” Lucifer called after the angel. “We’ll be expecting you here in a month for the special fundraiser performance of Magic Mike!”

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