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We write in the same genre! What now?

Hey y’all! We’re Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga, and Kim was kind enough to let us invade her world today!

She asked us what it was like to have a release date on the same day, and that got me thinking. Very dangerous.

See, in 2000, BA and I became critique partners and sometime co-writers of original m/m romance. IN 2003 we started publishing it online in a now defunct publishing company that’s best not mentioned because we sold it and the new owner did unspeakable things.

So. We’ve had simultaneous release days for 15 years, at least.

The great thing about having my wife as a writing and life partner, is that while she’s a Capricorn and is incredibly competitive, she’s not with me. And I’m a typical Gemini people pleaser so I want her book to do at least as well as mine. We wallow in each others’ successes, in other words.

We have found a few truths to be important. 1) It helps if we release books in the same sub genre. If BA has a cowboy book and I have a werewolf one, the books don’t do as well as if we both put out paranormals. 2) Cross promotion is key. A lot of people think our readers are all the same. I think it says a lot that only about half of our Facebook friends are common. So we might get one of her readers to become a Julia reader, or vice versa, as long as we promo it on our own groups and pages, and then share them. 3) We don’t step on toes. I try not to promo in the same groups on the same time as she does. We try to keep our egos in check a little and not talk about reviews or ARC readers, good or bad, until well after release day. (note: reviews stress out BA so bad, she often NEVER talks about them) 

The main thing is that we really are each other’s biggest fans. BA says she fell in love with my writing, then met me and fell for me. 

All I can say is ditto, and I hope we’ll be same day releasing for many years to come. 



BA’s latest release:

Crossing the River – Spirit Quest Book 1

When werewolf Maicoh is ejected from his wolf pack in the Four Corners area of Colorado, he travels north, crossing the river into the canyon that he thinks is Glenwood Springs. He needs some time to recover, be at peace and think. What he gets is a whole bunch of shifters, an alternate reality and his ex-lover Ashkii.

Ash had fled the pack years before, knowing he would never be anything but their punching bag, as an Omega wolf the pack found him to be a less than perfect mate for Mai. Now Mai is in his territory and Ash has to decide if he’ll let Mai back into his life and if he thinks Mai is worth fighting for once the pack decides they want Mai back.

This book has been previously published. The publisher has changed.

Available here on Kindle Unlimited and for purchase:

Find BA at www.batortuga.com

And on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/batortuga

Julia’s newest release

Too Many Alphas – Alpha Tales book 3

When Jonas comes to small town mountain Colorado chasing his client’s pregnant sister, the last thing he expects to find is yet another pack of werewolves and another Alpha. He realizes his client, Gideon, isn’t going to be happy with the situation, since he runs his own pack down in Texas, but then, Gideon never seems happy about anything.

Gideon thinks Jonas may be the least attentive PI ever, but that’s werefoxes for you, right? Still, the guy does his job and finds Gideon’s sister, so he heads to Colorado to bring her home. Things never work out like he plans, and god knows there are too many Alphas about, but the one thing Gideon finds up in the mountains is that there’s a fox he can’t seem to keep his hands off of, and that family of choice can be just as important as the one you’re born into.

Available on Amazon here:

Find Julia at www.juliatalbotcom

And on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/juliatalbotauthor

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