Hellscapade: Post 41

Rakon scowled as he entered the office. “Where the hell is Percy?”

“I’ll be shocked if he makes it in before noon,” Micah said with a grin. “He was still at the bar when Azgoth and I left last night. Everyone wanted to buy him a drink.”

Unfortunately, Rakon had been well aware of that. He had stayed at the bar at Percy’s side with the small demon glaring at him every time he remembered that Rakon was there. And Micah had been stirring things up with all the toasts to Percy that he was buying rounds for. Eventually Percy’s half-brother had come to collect him and allowed Rakon to finally breathe again.

“You don’t look so hot yourself. Stay up a bit late did we?” Rakon glared at his annoying partner, then headed to his desk. Micah began to laugh quietly behind him when Rakon sunk into the chair and laid his head on the desk. Suddenly, he had a lap full of hellhoundcat pup and a tiny tongue was licking his nose.

“Ewww. Stop that Bau.” He could hear Puck’s laughter join Micah’s as he tried to settle the smallest of the pack down. Finally she sat wriggling in his lap, small flashes of hellhound fire sparking in her excitement. He smiled down at the pup as he felt his tension ease. 

“A messenger from Phenex came in earlier with a note addressed to you. The note is on your desk,” Puck told him as she headed to the door. “Don’t forget our briefing at 11. I’ll need you and Micah to be there, so plan accordingly.”

“Marrack,  were you planning to join me?” Puck asked with a sardonic note to her voice. Marrack looked up guiltily from where he sat on the floor playing with Grim and Mihos.

“Do we really have to go talk to Ilrazun again?” Marrack asked with a whine as he got up from the floor. 

“Yup. At the moment his nightmare of a store is our best lead for the dust pushers in the neighborhood. If you keep whining at me I’m gonna offer him a full time security detail,” Puck said with a laugh as she held the door open. “Guess who would be heading it up?”

“Damn evil demon,” Marrack muttered as he followed her out the door to everyone’s laughter.

“Don’t laugh too hard,” Rakon said with a smirk for Micah. “Phenex has invited us to high tea today.”

Micah sucked in a breath. “Is that as awful as it sounds?”

“Yup,” Rakon replied cheerfully, his mood finally improving at the pained look on Micah’s face. He owed his partner a few for the ridiculousness at the bar last night.  “And my guess based on the way it was worded is that Lucifer will be there. Which means there is something he wants to tell us, where it won’t be observed by anyone else.”

“I don’t want you going,” Azgoth said, his voice lethal.

“Azgoth, my partner here is more than capable of handling Phenex. You know this,” Rakon assured his boss. If Azgoth allowed his protectiveness to constrain what Micah could do, he was going to screw things up badly. Bau settled herself into a ball in Rakon’s lap with a contented sigh.

“Phenex has no boundaries,” Azgoth stated.

“True, and I handled him last time. And if Lucifer is there, he’ll be on his best behavior. Besides, I have a partner that watches my back, remember? I need to be able to do my job, Azgoth. If you treat me like I need to be protected, that weakens us both.” Micah said, his hand on Arroc’s shoulder. The two were truly an impressive sight.

Azgoth let out a shuddering sigh as he stared at his Packmaster. “Very well. We’ll cover this in the briefing later this morning.”

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