Hellscapade: Post 42

Azgoth watched in amusement as Percy sat slumped at his desk, head in his hands. Because he felt truly grateful for the young demon’s performance the prior evening he refrained from all the delicious torments that came to mind.

As Ilgun snuck up, Azgoth fixed him with a withering glare. If he couldn’t torment Percy, neither could anyone else. Suddenly all three pups surrounded Percy, climbing into his lap and onto the desk to shower his face with kisses. Azgoth noted that Arroc stayed by Micah’s side. Damn it all, he was going to owe Sanbnoc for that particular favor.

“Ok, so we’re off. I think we have everything we need for now,” Rakon said, getting up from the briefing table to join Micah as he stood by the door. “We’ll follow up on those leads before we head to Phenex’s high tea.”

As soon as Micah moved to follow Rakon out the door, the pups scrambled after them. Percy let out a groan at the flurry of movement. Azgoth handed Percy a flask.

“Oh, hell, no. This stuff is awful.” Percy thrust the flask back at Azgoth . He just stared with his most menacing glare until Percy finally downed the contents in one go. After he finished coughing and sputtering, Percy muttered a muted thanks as he finally looked around the room.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah. But why do they have to make it taste so awful? It’s just vile.”

“Oh, my mother makes it. She wants to make sure we suffer for our stupidity.”

“Huh,” Percy said.

“No response to that?” asked Azgoth with a laugh.

“No. I may be many things, but I am not stupid. Your mother is the epitome of sweetness and light, and I would never cast any aspersions on her judgement.”

Light laughter greeted that statement as his mother entered the room and kissed Percy on the cheek. “Oh, dear boy, I think I shall keep you too.”

“Get your own assistant. This one is mine.” Azgoth glared at his mother.

“It is good to see you, Lady Kurush. Is there something I can assist you with?” Percy asked, slipping on his professional mask. 

“Oh, dear boy, I was just stopping by to congratulate you on your performance last night. You surely did us all proud, and I am so very grateful.”

“You want something,” Azgoth accused her.

“Well, we are doing a talent show next month. And you see, I thought it would be such a wonderful opportunity for you Percy,” Lady Kurush batted her eyelashes at Percy as he paled. That was something Azgoth never wanted to see again.

“How much do you have riding on it?” Azgoth asked her curtly.

“Oh, nothing really.”


“Ok, fine. It’s just a trifle of a thing. If I win, I get to select the rotation for who gets summoned next month.”

Azgoth groaned. “You just want to put Bozziz on the list. I swear the two of you are worse than a pair of schoolchildren. What did he do this time?”

His mother ignored him and kissed Percy on the cheek, before telling him that she would be in touch with the talent show details and sweeping out of the room.

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