Hellscapade: Post 44

“Treason is carried on the wind,” Lucifer said.  “And war will soon follow. Unless we can destroy the traitors in our midst.”

“Is revolt truly that close?” Rakon asked.

“Aye. While yesterday’s frolic was an entertaining diversion, it gave me the opportunity to speak to Michael. The same unrest is sweeping the heavens as well.”

Phenex whistled. “Well, now, that changes things.”


Micah bit into a pastry and groaned at the creamy goodness that exploded on his tongue. Three sets of eyes were fixed on him when he looked up.

“What? It’s soooo good.” At that, Rakon threw his head back and laughed.

“My dear partner we are discussing war to end times, and you are enjoying the pastries.”

“Hey, these are amazing. And Phenex went to all this effort, I wouldn’t want to be rude.” Micah didn’t know what Lucifer wanted, but wasn’t stupid enough to wade right in and ask.

“I do appreciate your courtesy, young Packmaster. But Lucifer is right, war comes on the heels of treason. You and your partner are here because we trust you.” With that Phenex grabbed a chocolate confection and bit into it delicately.

“But why not go directly to Azgoth?”

“I have already approached your boyfriend to head the investigation into the dust trade. If I were to get too involved in that, my enemies would know that I have picked up on the spiderweb of plots that are afoot. Demon dust has long been a profitable venture for those willing to skirt the rules, and not something I would personally get involved in. So I must remain on the sidelines until we have more answers.”

“And since no one takes me seriously, I can have you summoned for high tea and no one will even bat an eye,” Phenex said with a wink. Micah realized that the crackle of power that circled Phenex gave lie to his reputation as a frivolous figure-head. Phenex was a member of the Nine for a reason, and the fact that those around him forgot that fact was a testament to his skill.

“You trust him?” Rakon asked Lucifer, with a glance at Phenex.

“With my life and my reign,” Lucifer replied, a spark of darkness flaring around. “And for obvious reasons certain alliances are not for public discussion.” 

“So what are we here to discuss?” Rakon asked.

“The information I received last night confirms that the dust dealings are a front for a much more insidious plot of treachery and war. Follow up with Sabnock. He is among the circle that I trust, and there is information that he can provide on his peers. He has been busy the past few days pulling on a few sources that he has that none others can access.” Lucifer scowled as he said that, and Micah shuddered at the intensity radiating off him. “Since you have Arroc by your side, none will question such a visit.”

Phenex then handed over a small device to Rakon. “There is data on here regarding business dealings and corporate structures that is part of the larger plot. I trust that Azgoth will be able to decipher the information. Should you have questions we can arrange another meeting.”

Shortly after, Micah carried a sleeping Bau, who had overindulged in the delicacies that had been laid out for the Pack. The rest followed sleepily at his heels, including Arroc who let out a massive yawn-roar as they exited the mansion.

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