Hellscapade: Post 45

Azgoth walked into the private sitting room and froze. Micah was collapsed on the large settee, surrounded by hellhoundcats that lay curled around his sleeping form. He and Rakon had reported in after their high tea with Phenex and Lucifer, then headed out of the office again to hit up some street sources. That had been hours ago, and it would seem the long day had gotten to him.

Arroc raised his head off the floor and let off a small grumble before laying back down. The damn hell lion had dismissed him. “Yeah, very funny fur face. Just see if I leave instructions for you to be fed.” 

He poured himself a glass of wine from the decanter on the side table. The sound of the hellhoundcats snoring was too adorable for words, not that he would admit that to anyone. The flames dancing in the ornate fireplace threw shadows across the dimly lit room. He felt himself relax as he walked over to the settee and just stared at his beloved.

More light kicked up as the pups began to throw off their own hellfire, wriggling next to Micah as they looked up at him. Little Bau sat up and arched into his hand as he pet her. Sitting down next to Micah, he suddenly had a lap full of pups and a smile on his face. It was impossible not to be charmed.

“Rakon?” Micah’s sleepy voice caused the pups to tumble back and jump on their Packmaster. He chuckled as they snuggled up to him and begged for attention.

“Yes, my Packmaster. It seems that you had a long day.”

“High Tea, Rakon. With Phenex. I can’t stress to you enough how over the top it was.”

“Yes, you told me when you stopped in to report on that conversation,” Rakon reminded him.

“Yes, but I’ll continue to complain. At length. Unless you can find a way to distract me somehow,” Micah drawled.

“Would you like some tea?” Azgoth asked, his tone bland. He ducked as Micah swung a pillow from the settee at his head. He then grabbed Micah’s wrist and straddled him, to the grumbles of the pups.

“No tea then. What about this?” Azgoth asked, bending down to take Micah’s lips in a slow sweet kiss. Micah responded with warm pliancy, his eyes half-closed and still sleep shrouded.  Azgoth deepened the kiss then, groaning with the need that ran through him. 

“Why the fuck is Lucifer sending me love notes again?” Janal demanded as she stormed into the room. 

“Why should I know and what the hell are you doing here?” Azgoth asked, frustration in every word.

“Oh,” Janal said as she started to laugh. “Sorry, I was told you had come home and headed for the sitting room. Really, brother dear, don’t you have a perfectly acceptable bedroom? I mean, you wouldn’t want to corrupt these poor innocent hellhoundcat pups.” She reached down and picked up an ecstatic Grim, who had bounded over to greet her.

Azgoth looked down at Micah, whose cheeks were flushed bright red. “She does have a point, Azgoth. And the pups need to be fed now.” Micah pushed at Azgoth until he was able to lever himself up and off the settee. 

“I’ll let you distract Janal for now,” Azgoth said to Micah in a low voice by his ear. “But I will have that mouth of yours again tonight.” He was pleased to see Micah’s red cheeks flush even further.

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