Rainbow Advent Calendar

Welcome to the Rainbow Advent Calendar! There will be a ton of fun and exciting stories this holiday season so you’ll want to follow along. You can join the Facebook group or keep up with the Masterlist on maestro Alex Jane’s site.

Note: Crocs – the Florida wooden shoes!

I’m thrilled to be bringing you my story on St. Nicholas Day. Last night, we laid out our wooden shoes for St. Nicholas, and so today is the day for treats. This year we used the actual wooden shoes, but we had fun with the crocs while we lived in Florida.

Today’s treat is a holiday story dedicated to those who find themselves on the outside looking in. I think we’ve all been there at some point – excluded from the group lunches at work or the after hours social gatherings. Evan is all of us and deserves his happy ever after. The story is too long to put on the blog, so you can get it for free on Prolific Works.

Get it here:   https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/Ti0QOtTH

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