Mangos & Mistletoe

I can’t read a book by Adriana without getting hungry. I mean, the food! I want to try everything. But it’s not just the food (even though this book is ALL about the baking). There are many reasons to love this story by Adriana Herrera:

  • The grumpy one loves the sunshine one
  • A Scottish Castle
  • A cooking competition with Caribbean laced holiday dishes
  • There’s only one bed!!!

But even more, with every book she puts out, I learn something. Something important about the characters and their experiences. This is one of the true joys of reading an #ownvoices story. While you get the pride and traditions that celebrate the Dominican heritage, you also get a dose of reality that makes you understand just a little bit more of what people from the Dominican Republic bring with them.

Sully Morales embraces her Dominican heritage with pride and fondness. Though her family has had its struggles, she has no doubt of the love and community that supports her. Kiskeya Burgos has arrived in the US after a life nuanced with the realities of intolerance and family rejection. She is determined to put all that behind her in order to achieve her life’s goal as a chef.

Because this is a romance, and Adriana Herrera would not do us wrong, the two women find that love is the real goal and work to make it happen.

And OMG the food.

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