Where’d the book go?

I’ve put out statements in my newsletter and online, but wanted to put something up here as well just in case you find a “dead link” to one of my stories. Last month, I requested my rights back for both holiday stories from Dreamspinner Press. Season to Shimmer (last year’s Advent Calendar story) has started to be pulled from retailers. Rainbows in Sea Glass will stay up until December 31, 2019. So the links to the stories that are in back matter and other locations will stop working.

The links to the stories will be unavailable until I re-release them as part of a three book holiday box set at some point next year. In the meantime, I am working on my shifter series, which I plan to self publish.

As for why I have taken this action, there have been some excellent statements on Dreamspinner’s current financial situation and business practices that sum things up much better than I can (see below for links.) The amount of royalties I am owed from Dreamspinner has never been much. But we don’t create and publish in a vacuum, and this isn’t just about my situation. Authors and contractors are not getting paid, which is causing very real harm to many folks whom I respect.

I hope that everyone gets paid. I hope that Dreamspinner can make right on all of its outstanding promises. But hopes don’t pay bills. Sadly, as I wrote earlier this year, even if they recover financially, it will take a lot longer to recover the trust and reputation that they have lost.

Links to statements on Dreamspinner by other authors/contractors:

Statement by Charlie Cochet

Statement by Bob Appavu

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