Hellscapade: Post 39

“Karaoke?” Micah asked incredulously as he looked around. “We had to leave an urgent investigation with open warfare a distinct possibility to come attend karaoke night?” Azgoth shuddered beside him. “Yes, I am afraid so. This is Lucifer’s main fundraising event of the year for the Demon Dog foundation.” “Wait, Lucifer has a non-profit?” Micah was briefly distracted from the horror that surrounded them. The … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 39

Hellscapade: Post 37

As Micah and Rakon walked into Headquarters, everyone looked up. “So?” asked Percy, his eyes intent on Rakon. “I want to strangle him with my bare hands while I repeatedly kick him in the balls,” said Rakon, exasperation in his voice. “Sadly, I don’t think he’s involved in our case.” “Looks like he’s being set up, as we expected. The good news is that he’s … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 37

Hellscapade: Post 36

Micah stewed silently as Phenex continued to needle Rakon. The Pack grew restless with his anger swirling around them, and Arroc suddenly let out a roar. Everything stopped. “That is Arroc,” Phenex said with a start, as if looking at the hell lion for the first time. “Sabnock’s Arroc.” “Indeed,” Micah spat out furiously. “You tried to use your power to influence me.” Phenex looked … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 36

Hellscapade: Post 35

Micah gaped at the monstrosity before him. He had been impressed by Azgoth’s ancestral home, but this was, well, he couldn’t even find the words. “What the hell?” was all he could get out. Rakon grinned at him evilly. “As you say, this is indeed hell. Phenex just brings a little extra.” Micah groaned at this partner, then followed him up to the main entrance, … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 35

Hellscapade: Post 34

After the briefing, Micah refilled his coffee. Amazingly, it tasted just as bad as the coffee in his old office topside. Cop house coffee was a universal plague, it seemed. As he drank, he started jotting down things on the frosted glass wall that stretched in a curled pattern around his desk and Rakon’s. His partner was currently arguing with Percy, and he didn’t want … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 34