Hellscapade: Post 39

“Karaoke?” Micah asked incredulously as he looked around. “We had to leave an urgent investigation with open warfare a distinct possibility to come attend karaoke night?” Azgoth shuddered beside him. “Yes, I am afraid so. This is Lucifer’s main fundraising event of the year for the Demon Dog foundation.” “Wait, Lucifer has a non-profit?” Micah was briefly distracted from the horror that surrounded them. The … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 39

Hellscapade: Post 37

As Micah and Rakon walked into Headquarters, everyone looked up. “So?” asked Percy, his eyes intent on Rakon. “I want to strangle him with my bare hands while I repeatedly kick him in the balls,” said Rakon, exasperation in his voice. “Sadly, I don’t think he’s involved in our case.” “Looks like he’s being set up, as we expected. The good news is that he’s … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 37

Hellscapade: Post 36

Micah stewed silently as Phenex continued to needle Rakon. The Pack grew restless with his anger swirling around them, and Arroc suddenly let out a roar. Everything stopped. “That is Arroc,” Phenex said with a start, as if looking at the hell lion for the first time. “Sabnock’s Arroc.” “Indeed,” Micah spat out furiously. “You tried to use your power to influence me.” Phenex looked … Continue reading Hellscapade: Post 36