Brea Apelou on writing a series

Hey everyone! I’m author Brea Alepou, Kim was gracious enough to let me come on her blog and talk about myself and my newest release. I write a little bit of everything. My main focus is on M/M & F/F romance with sub-genres such as: paranormal, contemporary, dark, erotica, mpreg, harems, and fantasy. When I started writing, I knew right away I didn’t want to … Continue reading Brea Apelou on writing a series

Publishing: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This has been an chaotic week in terms of LGBTQ publishing. First, Less than Three Press is shutting down. You can find the full announcement here. It seems that the transition will be handled gracefully, and look for your LT3 authors to be jumping on other opportunities. And that’s all good. But there’s no getting around the fact that there’s one less small press getting … Continue reading Publishing: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Reviews and Blogs

So. You have a book coming out. That’s a huge achievement, so take a moment to congratulate yourself. But now you want people to actually read your book. How do you get reader visibility and interest? Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) are one way to get excitement around your upcoming release, and many authors have ARC teams and/or marketing groups that distribute ARCs for them. Another … Continue reading Reviews and Blogs

Writing the Story is the Easy Part

Okay, so writing the story isn’t exactly easy. But it’s much less complicated than the rest of the things that need to be done. Now that the story is written, what do you do? Note that I write M/M Romance, so any specific examples listed here are in that genre. But I hope that many of these “steps” are relevant regardless of the genre that … Continue reading Writing the Story is the Easy Part